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Human as a priority in safety design

 In the ever-changing landscape of safety technology, the concept of human-centred design has become a guiding principle to create solutions that prioritise user needs, preferences and experience. Human-centred security design goes beyond functionality to consider the human factors that influence the effectiveness and usability of security systems. In this article, we will look at what human-centered security design entails and why it is relevant in today's security environment.

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What is NIS2? How will it affect companies in Baltics?

Today, more than ever, businesses need security solutions that keep up with the changing pace of both the physical and digital world. Having the right systems in place allows you to ensure that the innovations needed to adapt quickly to the needs of the moment are available for the long term. Choosing the right security system will make it easy to work with in the future, as it will be possible to add innovations without having to change the entire existing system - only adding new components to a specific piece of technical equipment when it is really needed.

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Innovating the Future of Security: Nordic SecTech Summit 2024 Announced

The Nordic SecTech Summit 2024 brings together visionaries, experts, and enthusiasts for a dynamic exchange of ideas, insights, and innovations. With a focus on the latest trends, emerging technologies, and collaborative solutions, the summit aims to redefine the standards of security in the Nordic region.


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